Yesterday, Democrat Rita Hart was endorsed by Brady PAC, a far-left gun control organization that opposes citizens’ rights to stand their ground when facing a threat in their own home. Brady PAC claims to back “common sense” gun control, but they support taking away a citizen’s right to protect themselves and defend their families. In Iowa, that is far from “common sense.”

With this endorsement, it’s clear Rita Hart doesn’t believe Iowans should have the right to arm themselves. This should come as no surprise because she voted NO on House File 517, which granted Iowans the right to use reasonable force in dangerous situations. Hart has also been silent on the “defund the police” movement -- once a fringe idea that has now become a litmus test for Democrats across the country.

While Rita Hart pretends to be a moderate, she is raking in cash from Nancy Pelosi, coastal elites and far-left special interest groups. Instead of listening to Iowans, she’s already kowtowing to those funding her campaign.

Iowans don’t want a representative bought and paid for by California and New York liberals. As a 24-year veteran of the U.S. Army and Reserves, Mariannette Miller-Meeks is the one person in this race who will stand up to Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the radical Left to defend our right to bear arms and protect our families. 


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