DES MOINES, Iowa -- Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement regarding the Democrat’s lackluster national convention:

“This week we saw what a Biden Administration would mean for Iowans -- a far-left agenda controlled by the most liberal member of the Senate, Kamala Harris, and the Obama-Clinton Swamp Machine. They would repeal the GOP tax cuts, raising taxes on middle-class Americans and cutting the child tax credit in half, reduce or altogether defund the police departments that keep our communities safe, and push a radical climate agenda that would place burdensome regulations on Iowa farmers.

"What's more, on the last day of the Democratic convention, we saw a deliberate attack by National Democrats on Iowa and our First-In-The-Nation Caucuses. Not only do they want to change the calendar and start in a state where votes are bought by advertising, they also want to abolish the Electoral College -- silencing the voices of Americans in the heartland.

“Next week, the Republican Party will showcase a much brighter vision for the next four years as we celebrate putting America First and Making America Great Again. In November, voters will have a clear choice: continue the Great American Comeback, or go down the Democrats’ path of radical, far-left policies that will stymie economic growth.”









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