DES MOINES -- Dark money groups, like Iowa Voices, are spending more than $2 million in false TV ads in an effort to mislead Iowans about Joni Ernst’s record. While Iowa Voices attempts to go unnoticed by the media, the reality is they are back up on the air this week and have now spent millions to lie about Joni Ernst’s record, directly benefitting Theresa Greenfield, Eddie Mauro, Kimberly Graham and Michael Franken.

Democrats like Theresa Greenfield had previously railed against “big money” saying: “Iowans think it's darn unfair because it is, that large corporations can put unlimited amounts of money into dark money groups and they can come in and put their thumbs on the scale of an election.”

Now that dark money is benefitting Greenfield and her fellow Democrats, will they speak up and denounce Iowa Voices? Or will they stay silent, supporting this dark money group?

“Hypocrisy at its finest. While Democrats feign outrage over dark money, Theresa Greenfield, Kimberly Graham, Michael Franken and Eddie Mauro are directly benefiting from it and are hiding behind Iowa Voices to spread shameless lies,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “The reality is, these Democrats and dark money groups are terrified of Joni Ernst because they know she is a relentless fighter for Iowa and has the record to prove it -- from working to lower the cost of prescription drugs to protecting those with preexisting conditions.”



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