Throughout August, Senator Joni Ernst has continued traveling the state on her 99 county tour, holding six town halls in just a week and a half.

However, some Democrats running for Senate have shown little-to-no interest in holding town halls of their own to hear directly from Iowans.

While the Democratic primary field grows, Chuck Schumer’s hand-picked candidate, Theresa Greenfield, has gone 85 days without holding a single town hall. Greenfield has instead opted to fundraise off of gun violence and travel coast to coast asking special interest groups to bankroll her campaign.

Meanwhile, after more than three months in the race, Eddie Mauro at long last attended a town hall meeting while Kimberly Graham finally participated in her second. Additionally, the clock began for the newest candidate, Michael Franken. You can keep tabs on all of their town hall activity – or lack thereof – here.

The Democratic primary got even more crowded this week. It’s time for these Democrats to make Iowans their priority, not coastal elites, and hold a town hall. Until then… the clock continues to tick.


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