DES MOINES — Last week, a group of House Democrats signed a letter urging Speaker Pelosi to hold a vote on the USMCA this year. The signers represent several states, including Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma and Kansas.

“It is imperative that we reach a negotiated agreement early in the fall,” the letter reads. Canada and Mexico are by far our most important trading partners, and we need to restore certainty in these critical relationships that support millions of American jobs.”

Keep in mind: Canada and Mexico are Iowa’s top two trading partners, with 45 percent of Iowa’s total exports going to these two countries in 2018. But Iowa’s three Democratic Representatives, including Silent Cindy and Absent Abby, did not sign the letter. 

According to Senator Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, the USMCA will:

  • Increase market access for U.S. farmers with new export opportunities for U.S. dairy, poultry and egg producers
  • Reduce red tape at the border, reduce costs, and increase predictability for cross-border transactions
  • Secure strong protections and enforcement of intellectual property rights to help drive innovation and create economic growth
  • Continue to provide strong patent protection for innovators by enshrining patentability standards and patent office best practices

Yet Democrats continue stalling and failed to hold a vote before the August recess. Over the weekend, Senator Ernst expressed concern the trade deal might not be approved this year if Pelosi doesn’t hold a vote by September. 

“Silent Cindy and Absent Abby have made it abundantly clear Iowa farmers do not matter to them. Democrats are starting to realize the significant impact the USMCA will have on our economy, especially those representing Midwestern states. Instead of leading the charge for Iowans, Axne and Finkenauer won’t even sign a letter. Their silence on this issue is deafening — Iowans will remember this in 2020.” — Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt


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