DES MOINES, Iowa -- Hypocrisy will be on full display tonight as Iowa Democrats gather to eat steak while watching pre-recorded speeches from national Democrats -- the same politicians that support anti-ag “climate solutions” that would limit meat consumption and harm thousands of livestock farmers and meatpackers across the state.

  • Kamala Harris has said she would create incentives to “encourage” Americans to eat less meat

  • Harris supported the Green New Deal, saying she believes “the underlying principles behind it are sound and important.”

  • Pete Buttigieg also accused cheeseburger-loving Americans as being “part of the problem”

  • Instead of passing the USMCA immediately to benefit farmers and manufacturers, Speaker Pelosi held it up for over a year and only passed it AFTER Democrats finished their sham impeachment proceedings

“It’s laughable that Iowa Democrats are holding a steak fry featuring speakers who support anti-ag proposals that limit meat consumption,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “This is a perfect reflection of the Democrats’ blatant hypocrisy. It’s clear their radical agenda would leave those of us in America’s heartland behind and instead put the priorities of California liberals like Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi first. Rural Iowans will soundly reject their out-of-touch agenda in November.”


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