The ongoing crisis in Afghanistan is a direct consequence of the Biden Administration's botched exit from the country. Americans and our allies are unable to be evacuated to safety, Americans at home are less safe, and America's standing in the world is slipping. Joe Biden has failed us as Commander-in-Cheif. 

Now we are seeing reports of two bombs going off outside the Kabul airport. U.S. military members are injured and Afghan civilians are dead - all because of Joe Biden's failed leadership.

Cindy Axne must speak out immediately. So far she has stood by Biden's side saying, " I appreciate [Joe Biden's] commitment to not continuing a war that's gone on for nearly 20 years..."

There are few disagreements on our withdrawal from Afghanistan, but complete disagreement with how the withdrawal was executed - which Axne has yet to provide any comment on. Now is the time for Axne to open her eyes and stand with Americans instead of blindly cheerleading for Biden and his Administrations's failures.

"Since the onset of Joe Biden's collapse of Afghanistan, Axne has been standing by his side, making excuses for him and having his back," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "After kowtowing to the Taliban, botched evacuations, and now explosions that have injured American military members, it's time that Cindy Axne stand up to Biden and denounce his handling of the crisis in Afghanistan."


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