DES MOINES -- Democrats have been lecturing Americans for months on the “urgency” of impeachment, yet they waited over a month to deliver the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

While Nancy Pelosi held onto the articles, we heard nothing from Iowa Democrats -- further proving just how much of a sham the process has been from the start. While a vast majority of Iowans are opposed to removing the president from office, Axne, Finkenauer, and Loebsack continue to show they are hellbent on overturning the results of the 2016 election and undoing the will of Iowans.

Earlier today, President Trump was busy signing Phase One of the China trade deal alongside Senator Grassley, Senator Ernst, and Governor Reynolds. This trade agreement is great news for Iowa farmers, with China agreeing to purchase at least $32 billion in agricultural products.

Meanwhile, Iowa’s Democratic congressional delegation was busy kowtowing to Nancy Pelosi and voting to deliver impeachment articles. And Reps. Finkenauer and Loebsack haven't even acknowledged the signing of the agreement.

“Reps. Axne, Finkenauer, and Loebsack are only in Washington to do Pelosi’s bidding,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “We saw it when they voted to proceed with the inquiry, voted for impeachment, and now they voted to send the articles to the Senate. All three represent districts President Trump won in 2016, so instead of being obsessed with overturning the results of the 2016 election, they should focus on tackling real issues and getting results for Iowans.”


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