DES MOINES -- Over the weekend, Rep. Cindy Axne held a meet-and-greet where she was pressed by constituents on her support for impeachment and the status of the USMCA.

After wasting two weeks on sham impeachment hearings, adjourning for 10 days, and still no action taken on the USMCA, southwest Iowans naturally had a lot of questions. So Axne finally told Iowans why the agreement with Iowa’s top trade partners is being held up -- instead of standing up for Iowa farmers and manufacturers, she’s waiting for approval from a union boss. This should come as no surprise given she’s taken more than $200k from labor between 2018 and 2020

Then, Axne misled her constituents when asked if Democrats are impeaching President Trump, responding, “No, we’re… no, no.” But the words of Schiff, Pelosi, and other leaders of the witch hunt clearly suggest otherwise

Whether it’s voting for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker or voting to proceed with the baseless impeachment inquiry, Cindy Axne has proven she will always tow the party line -- and Iowans have no reason to believe the impeachment vote will be any different.


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