DES MOINES -- The Des Moines Register endorsed Elizabeth Warren this weekend saying, “many of her ideas aren’t radical”…
Yet, Elizabeth Warren’s coastal elitist agenda is out of touch with our way of life in Iowa. Socialized medicine could cost as much as $32 trillion. The Green New Deal would crush our farm economy.  With the Iowa caucuses under a week away, the Register’s endorsement begs the question: Do the Democratic Iowa Senate candidates agree that Warren’s far-Left agenda of the coastal elite is the best choice for voters here in Iowa?
In stark contrast, Joni joined Fox and Friends after the last presidential debate that took place in Iowa to discuss just how out of touch these presidential candidates are with Iowans.
"I would say it was very telling that even though the debate was held in Iowa, these Democratic candidates are so far from the mainstream and what Iowans want to see … And it's just not what Americans want to see. It just shows how far to the Left these Democrats have gone and the ugly reality: this is today's Democratic Party."
Joni stands with Iowans. Can the Democratic candidates say the same? Or do they stand with Warren in supporting a radical, socialist agenda?


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