Cindy Axne has yet to acknowledge the pain Iowans are feeling from inflation. Instead, she dismisses it - showing just how out-of-touch she truly is. 

The midwest has been especially hit hard by inflation. Iowans see it in their heating bills, gas prices, and grocery carts. Of course, Axne doesn't feel this pain. Axne has become a part of the Democrat elite - cozying up to Biden and campaigning with "The Squad." Instead of acknowledging the problems Iowans are facing and slowing the out of control spending that's making it worse, Axne continues to turn a blind eye while she happily advocates for Biden's agenda which includes trillions in unnecessary spending. To make things worse, The Build Back Broke bill includes: 

"Axne has spent the past year ignoring the damage she has created. While Iowans are making every dollar count, Axne is helping Joe Biden cause more damage to our country," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton.


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