DES MOINES, Iowa -- In yet another big win for election integrity, today a judge found that the Johnson County Auditor broke the law by sending out pre-populated absentee ballot request forms. This ruling comes after similar rulings were made in Linn and Woodbury counties, where the auditors were also found to have openly violated Iowa law.

The Secretary of State made it clear to all county auditors that the voter ID PIN must be left blank in order to comply with Iowa law. Yet the Johnson, Linn, and Woodbury County Auditors chose to ignore the state’s voter ID law, which exists to ensure a fair and secure election process.

“This should effectively close the case on rogue county auditors trying to skirt Iowa's widely-supported voter ID laws,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Iowa Republicans will continue advocating for accessible and fair elections, and ensure the chaos and confusion created by rogue county auditors is put to an end. Iowans must be able to trust the validity and have confidence in our elections.”


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