DES MOINES, Iowa -- When it comes to dark money and spending from outside groups, Theresa Greenfield takes the cake. No Iowa candidate has benefited more from special interest money than Greenfield, who has now enjoyed over $100 MILLION from coastal liberals, dark money groups, and corporate lobbyists, executives, and CEOs.

Greenfield Takes the Cake: 
“Congrats on $100 million from liberals. It costs more when you have to lie.”

“Theresa Greenfield rails against money in politics, but she's bought and paid for by Chuck Schumer, coastal liberals, radical outside groups that want to implement a Green New Deal, and corporate lobbyists, executives, and CEOs,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “She is the most hypocritical candidate Iowa has ever seen. This is why Iowans simply can’t trust Theresa Greenfield.”


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